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Coach Kevin Sheehan's Articles - A Must for Youth Coaches

Adobe PDF file Sheehan: Advanced Stickwork:   Article on advancing a player's stickwork in game-like conditions so that players understand when to apply their skills.

Adobe PDF file 
Sheehan: Finding Space -- Part 1:   The attached article, written by Kevin Sheehan from Massapequa, NY, for Lacrosse Magazine, gives an excellent explanation of how players can find space on the lacrosse field.

Adobe PDF file 
Sheehan: Finding Space -- Part 2:   The second part of Sheehan's series Finding Space. Sheehan takes the drills from Part 1 and applies them to the Motion Offense.

Adobe PDF file Sheehan: Team Defense and Extra Man Offense:  Sheehan continues his series on lacrosse development with this article on Team Defense.

Lacrosse Magazine "Classroom" Instruction

Adobe PDF file Progression: 2-on-1 to 6-on-6:    Full-field drill progresses from fast breaks to even situations

Adobe PDF file A Deuces Approach to Clearing:   Advance the ball upfield in pairs, as illustrated by Detroit Country Day boys' lacrosse coach John Kenney

Adobe PDF file 
1-3-2 Motion Offense:  Coordinate chaos around the crease, courtesy of Towson men's lacrosse coach Tony Seaman

Adobe PDF file 
Three Drills to Develop Shooters:   How to kick bad habits, courtesy of Hobart men's lacrosse coach Matt Kerwick

Adobe PDF file 
Rutgers' Full-Field Passing Drill:   Optimize practice time by working on stick drills, clearing and field awareness all at once 

Adobe PDF file Rediscovering a Lost Art:   Extra-man offense by former Adelphi coach Kevin Sheehan, and how it counters overaggressive mentality

Even More Lacrosse Coaching Instruction Tools

Adobe PDF file Lacrosse Drills and Practice Plans: a  detailed book for coaches of all levels that goes from scooping and catching, to passing and shooting, then on to offensive and defensive tactics.  Also includes information on how to run a practice and practice plans.

Adobe PDF filePlaybook: diagram and description of lacrosse play for games and practices

Adobe PDF fileThe Great Leap Forward: Five Concepts to move your youth program to the next level.

Adobe PDF fileThe Great Leap Forward, Part 2: The second part of five concepts to move your youth program to the next level